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Worksite Injuries 




The physiotherapists at Mill Park Physiotherapy are experienced in the provision of care for injured workers. The Centre has a highly developed system of service delivery for injured workers that are closely aligned with the guiding principles of the Victorian Workcover Authority’s (VWA) Clinical Framework for the delivery of health service to injured workers.

A referral is not required to commence physiotherapy for a workplace injury and physiotherapists are able to complete certificates of capacity and certificates of attendance on behalf of the injured worker.

Our treatment is about getting results:

  • Reducing pain

  • Improving function

  • Achieving goals

  • Providing self-management strategies

  • Returning an injured employee to work

Our ultimate aims are for the worker to reach full potential, and to empower each individual, as much as possible, to self-manage their condition.

Mill Park Physiotherapy has considerable experiences working with local industry to assist workers with their injury management. We currently provide onsite physiotherapy to The Dyson Group, The Whittlesea City Council and St. Monicas College.

Services have included

  • On site provision of physiotherapy

  • Education

  • Training for supervisors in injury management

  • Ergonomic assessments

  • Injury Reporting and Analysis

Treatment Results

How do we know our treatment is effective?

The physiotherapists closely monitor the progress of each injured worker, by continual functional re-assessment. Additionally, each worker fills out questionnaires that specifically relate to difficulties associated in their lifestyle that are associated with their injury. These questionnaires can provide accurate measures of recovery. We monitor these to track improvement in an injured workers condition and alter management strategies where a plateau in progress is identified.

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