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Do you have shoulder pain? Does your shoulder have reduced movement?

Maybe you feel like your shoulder is unstable? Or have you recently had surgery?

At Mill Park Physiotherapy, we have a special interest in treating shoulder conditions. 

Shoulder pathology is complex and and present with variable symptoms; the most common being pain and reduced function. From the elite athlete to the weekend warrior or elderly population, shoulder pathology can have a serious impact on a person's ability to function in daily activities.

Shoulder injuries are difficult to treat and are often misdiagnosed. This results in prolonged rehabilitation times with residual pain and dysfunction.

Clinic Director - Dr Tania Pizzari, and Senior Physiotherapists - Amelia and Nicole, all have post-graduate training in the assessment and management of shoulder conditions. All are actively involved in shoulder research at La Trobe University. Together, they have published numerous research articles and presented at national and international conferences on physiotherapy management of the shoulder.

With accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment interventions including a rehabilitation exercise program, optimal outcomes can be achieved. 

The Shoulder Clinic has a strong emphasis on tailoring an individuals functional goals into rehabilitation, whether it be sport-specific or activities of daily living.

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