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At Mill Park Physiotherapy, we have numerous strength testing devices for a range of different joints and muscle groups. 

The ForceFrame from VALD is a fixed strength testing device. The ForceFrame provides real-time results and analytics to determine any strength imbalances, return to sport/work criteria, and to aid the prescription of specific exercises.

A selection of our physiotherapists have published academic research articles validating the use of, and reliability of the ForceFrame to test the strength of muscles surrounding various joints. 

Your physiotherapist will determine whether strength testing is suitable for you. They will be able to interpret, save and monitor your strength data over time, to ensure that you are meeting your goals.

To book in for a strength test, you can do so online or by calling reception on 9436 9666. Alternatively, if you are unsure if your suitability, book an initial consultation with one of our physiotherapists to discuss.

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