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Small Group Gym classes are supervised by a qualified physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will design you an individualised exercise program tailored to your specific goals and needs - whether that be rehabilitating specific injuries, improving function and performance, or general conditioning.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a form of Pilates implemented and supervised by a physiotherapist with post-graduate training. It involves an individualised exercise program for the rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries using spring-resisted equipment as well as floor-based routines. Clinical Pilates has a focus on core strength and stability, designed to target postural muscles supporting the spine and joints.

How does it work?

Clinical Pilates develops the deep postural muscles in the stomach, lower back, middle back, neck, shoulder and pelvic areas. These muscles perform very important functions including supporting and stabilising your spine and other joints, maintaining good posture, reducing unwanted muscle tightness and improving performance in sports and daily activities. Through controlled exercises, the body can re-discover forgotten movement patterns and enhance performance.

Clinical Pilates at Mill Park Physiotherapy

Following a detailed physiotherapy assessment, specific Pilates exercises that focus on rehabilitation, prevention of injury re-occurrence and core strengthening are prescribed. Each client performs a series of specific exercises guided by a qualified physiotherapist for a number of individual (1:1) consultations. Following the individual consultations, small group classes and mat-based classes are offered. 


  • Targets underlying structural and bio-mechanical imbalances resulting from:

    • Poor posture

    • Lack of core muscle support

    • Acute or chronic injury

    • Lack of body awareness

    • Pregnancy

    • Overtraining

  • Enables an individual to participate in exercise that is low impact, high energy and enjoyable

  • Improve essential movement patterns and posture

  • Improve co-ordination, body awareness and improve flexibility

  • Enhance fitness and performance

  • Assists with injury prevention

  • Safe and effective pre-natal and post natal workout

  • Assist with body sculpting and toning core muscles

Class Structures:

MatworkGroup class program

  • Maximum 15 people

Exercises performed cater for the general population and are not tailored to the individual. Great source of social interaction through exercise.

Studio equipment class (3:1):

  • Maximum 3 people

Individualised program utilising  predominantly a reformer and trapeze table.

Use of free weights and gym-machines if appropriate.

Individual consultation (1:1)

Individual sessions with physiotherapist, with the use of all equipment.

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