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At Mill Park Physiotherapy, we offer a range of screening tools for a range of sports - including individual assessment, running analysis and strength testing. We can also perform sport specific screening for golf and swimming athletes. Please see below.

Golf Screening: Injury and Performance Assessment


The Titleist Performance institute (TPI) golf screening is an assessment tool that helps identify areas in your golf swing that may be contributing to injury and/or limiting golf performance.


The screening tool aims to address the big 12 swing characteristics and how your physical limitation can inhibit your swing efficacy, durability and, ultimately, the enjoyment of the game of golf. The TPI screening tool is performed by our TPI trained physiotherapist James Green. James will use strength assessments including the VALD ForceFrame and dynamometer to help measure and identify strengths and weakness to identify rehabilitation techniques to help improve your golf game. 


Following the screening assessment, we will provide you with a summary of your strengths and weaknesses and collate them to form an individualised exercise and treatment plan.


To book in for a Golf Screening Assessment with James, you can do so online or by calling reception on 9436 9666.


Swim Screening: Injury and Performance Assessment


The swim screening tool is a comprehensive assessment tool that helped identifies areas that may be limiting swimming performance and contributing to injuries.


Swim screening assessment tool aims to identifies specific swimming characterises, mobility and strength deficits, as well as functional movements that potentially are impacting the swimming stroke. Through the use of our VALD ForceFrame and strength dynamometer, the screening will identify a base line strength measure which will enable you and your physiotherapist to monitor and progress changes in strength over time.


Following the screening, the athletes will be provided with a summary of strengths and weaknesses identified in the screening, as well as an individualised exercise and treatment plan to help address any weakness.


Our swim screening assessments are performed by our physiotherapists Amelia Tregear and James Green. Amelia has been physiotherapist for both the Australian Swim Team and Australian Triathlon Team, while James is the Head Physiotherapist for Nunawading at the Age Swim National Championships. 


To book in for a Swim Screening Assessment with Amelia or James, you can do so online or by calling reception on 9436 9666.

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