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The staff at Mill Park Physiotherapy pride themselves on providing quality care and excellence in service delivery. All of our services exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as professional, top quality customer service.

We place a strong emphasis on evidence-based practice and self-management strategies, with a number of our staff heavily involved in research at La Trobe University. Additionally, all physiotherapists at Mill Park physiotherapy are actively involved in ongoing post-graduate education ensuring an up-to-date knowledge base and evidence-based management of clients.

Our purpose-built facility provides an extensive array of services to cater for every individual and optimise the outcomes of each client.

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Evidence-based treatment to help you overcome your injury/pain and improve quality of life.



Provision of physiotherapy via video/phone call for injury assessment/diagnosis and treatment.


Exercise Classes

A range of exercise classes to suit varying ages, conditions and ability levels.


Strength & Conditioning

Building your strength has a range of benefits including managing pain, improving function and maximising athletic performance.


Osteoarthritis Management

GLA:D Australia is an evidence-based education and exercise program designed to manage and improve hip and knee osteoarthritis symptoms.


The Shoulder Clinic

Our physiotherapists are heavily involved in shoulder research. With accurate diagnosis and appropriate tailored treatment including a rehab exercise program, optimal outcomes can be achieved.


Strength Testing

Our physiotherapists utilise the ForceFrame, a fixed strength testing system, to perform an in-depth analysis and subsequently give an accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation program.


TAC/Workcover Injuries 

Physiotherapy for injured workers and/or claims under TAC.


Medicare Referrals (EPC plan)

Physiotherapy sessions under the Enhanced Primary Care Program for chronic pain. You must have received a referral from your GP prior.


Rehabilitation Gym 

Our upstairs gymnasium is primarily used for rehabilitation and small group physio classes.


S&C High Performance


Our downstairs gym is primarily used for Strength & Conditioning, high performance and larger group classes.

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