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Strong For Life is an initiative designed by Mill Park Physiotherapy to introduce the benefits of strength training to older adults. Appropriately implemented strength training in older adults has been proven to:

  • Improve overall muscular strength.

  • Improve balance and reduce falls risk.

  • Improve bone mineral density (and reduce fracture risk).

  • Assist in maintaining independence.

  • Improve ability to undertake normal activities of daily living.

  • Increase walking speed.

  • Improve body composition (assist in losing weight!).

  • Improve quality of life.

Appropriate strength training has shown to be essential in preventing and reversing the natural age-related loss of muscle mass (termed sarcopenia). Research has shown that muscle strength declines by up to 40-60% between the ages of 50 – 80 years.

Reductions in bone strength (or bone mineral density) are a natural part of the aging process. This loss of bone mineral density is the primary diagnostic criteria for conditions such as osteoporosis (and osteopenia) and has been associated with an increased risk of fracture, loss of independence, and mortality in older adults. Appropriate strength training has been shown to increase overall bone mineral density (particularly of the hip and lumbar spine) and reduce risk of bone fracture.

Strength training in older adults has also shown to assist in the management of numerous health conditions such as obesity, diabetes (type 2), cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and depression.

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