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Pilates Work Out
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MONDAY           6PM - 7PM


THURSDAY        7PM - 8PM

FRIDAY              6PM - 7PM

SATURDAY        10AM - 11AM

Group exercise classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will run the group through a general exercise program aimed at improving general conditioning, postural control, mobility and strength. This class is perfect if you are looking to have fun and exercise in a friendly and supportive environment.

Benefits include:

  • Increase muscle tone and strength

  • Improve posture and body awareness

  • Increase core strength and stability

  • Improve balance and mobility

If you are interested in joining our group exercise classes, call reception on 9436 9666 to book your spot today!

If you have a current injury and are unsure whether you will be suitable for the class, please book in to see one of our physiotherapists to get an assessment.

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