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MONDAY - FRIDAY           5PM - 6PM

Athletic Youth Development (AYD) is an initiative designed by Mill Park Physiotherapy to introduce the benefits of strength training to youth and adolescents (ages 8 – 17 years). Each session is supervised by a qualified Physiotherapist with extensive post-graduate training in Strength & Conditioning to ensure exercises are completed in a safe and supervised environment.

Appropriately designed strength training programs amongst youth and adolescents have been shown to promote numerous beneficial health and fitness outcomes.


Health Benefits:

  • Reducing body fat

  • Heart function

  • Skeletal health

  • Bone mineral density

  • Lifelong physical activity participation

  • Psychological well-being and improve mood

Performance Benefits:

  • Muscular strength

  • Power production

  • Running velocity

  • Change of direction speed

  • Movement patterning

  • Reducing sports-related injury risk


For more information on youth strength training or our Athletic Youth Development Program, give reception a call on 9436 9666 or book in to see one of our physiotherapists.

Not only is physical activity, inclusive of strength training, essential for normal growth and development, but youth programmes that enhance muscular strength and fundamental movement skill performance early in life also appear to build the foundation for an active lifestyle later in life.

Programmes that aim to increase muscle strength, enhance movement mechanics and improve functional abilities are the most effective strategy for reducing sports-related injuries in young athletes. Adolescent athletes who incorporate strength training in their physical development programme suffer fewer injuries and recover from injuries in less time.

Appropriately prescribed and well-supervised training programmes reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries. Finally, injury rates in youth strength training are significantly lower than those in commonly performed sports such as Soccer and Badminton.

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