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Telehealth: FAQ

MARCH 2020



Mill Park Physiotherapy are now offering Telehealth amidst the COVID-19 health crisis. Under the current guidelines by the Federal Minister for Health - Greg Hunt, has deemed physiotherapy an "essential service" and therefore Mill Park Physiotherapy will remain open unless recommended otherwise.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the provision of a health service using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Telehealth can occur over the phone, or utilising a smart phone, desktop/laptop or iPad/tablet with a camera attached. It has been shown to be both safe and effective.

How does Telehealth work with physiotherapy?

Mill Park Physiotherapy are currently offering Telehealth through an application called Physitrack. Your physiotherapist can provide education, demonstration of exercises and exercise program prescription through video chat. 

How will my appointment work?

If you are currently a patient at Mill Park Physiotherapy, you can chat to your physiotherapist about organising Telehealth for your future appointments should you choose to not attend the clinic. Your physiotherapist will send you a link to join Physitrack via an app (PhysiAPP) where you will have your Telehealth consultation. Please ensure you are available 5-10min before the time of your appointment to set up the app, camera and microphone on your device.

For new clients, please call 9436 9666 to discuss Telehealth with reception or one of our physiotherapists. 

How do I book an appointment?

You can book directly with your physiotherapist or by calling reception on 9436 9666. Alternatively, watch the video below to book online.












How does payment work for Telehealth?

  • If you are a WorkCoverTAC or DVA client, Telehealth will be covered under your current claim

  • If you are a privately-paying client, you will receive benefits from a range of private health insurance companies until 30th September 2020, provided that:

    • You are an existing customer at Mill Park Physiotherapy and have been seeing your physiotherapist for over 6 months for treatment​

    • You are a new customer and Telehealth has been recommended by your GP or medical specialist and the primary condition being treated is one of:

      • Post-orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation (eg. Total hip/knee replacement)​

      • Chronic musculoskeletal condition (eg. Osteoarthritis, chronic back pain)

      • Cardiac rehabilitation

      • Pulmonary rehabilitation 

      • Pelvic floor muscle training 

What equipment do I need?

Smart phone, laptop, tablet/iPad or desktop computer with a video camera and microphone, as well as stable internet connection.


What happens if you don't have internet/camera?

Talk to your physiotherapist, who will organise a consultation over the phone if suitable.

How long will my appointment last?

Telehealth is currently available during the clinic's opening hours and will take the regular 40 or 20 minute consultation times.

What clothing do I wear for my Telehealth consult?

We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing that you will feel comfortable in to perform exercise. If possible, please wear a singlet for an upper body complaint, and shorts for a lower body complaint, to allow for an easier assessment by your physiotherapist.

Telehealth is an option for those who choose not to attend the clinic for an appointment. For more information regarding your eligibility or interest in Telehealth, please call 9436 9666 to chat to our receptionists or your physiotherapist directly.

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