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Joshua Hill





Advanced Dry Needling


Josh graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science & Masters of Physiotherapy from La Trobe University and has attained his Advanced Dry Needling qualification. Throughout his career, Josh has gained invaluable clinical experience working with patients from all walks of life ranging from older adults through to paediatric populations.


Josh is a passionate sporting enthusiastic which translates into his clinical practice where he implements best available evidence, coupled with his wealth of knowledge in strength & conditioning and rehabilitation. The result is his ability to maximise patient outcomes of elite (AFLW) and amateur sportspeople (VAFA) both on and off the field.


Outside of clinical life, Josh is currently a research officer in the TRAIL running study at La Trobe University where he is mentored by world renowned sports and exercise medicine researchers. In addition to this Josh works as an educator at the university, teaching into several subjects including human anatomy & physiology, exercise biomechanics and prac classes within the physiotherapy discipline. Josh is currently the Head Physiotherapist for the North Melbourne VFLW team and has previously held roles at St Kilda (VFLW), University Blues (VAFA) and the Sydney Swans (AFLW).


Away from physiotherapy, Josh enjoys watching AFL/W, cricket and netball while living an active lifestyle by regularly attending the gym, and exploring the great outdoors that Australia has to offer. He is also a keen chef and closet nerd who loves building computers.

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