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Children are not just little adults and must be treated differently when it comes to injuries of the muscles, bones and joints.  Physiotherapist Dóra Konya-Bonner has postgraduate qualifications in assessing and treating paediatric conditions.


Some of the conditions assessed and treated at Mill Park Physiotherapy include:


·       Developmental delay

·       Plagiocephaly (mis-shapen head)

·       Torticollis (neck stiffness)

·       Neurological conditions, e.g. Cerebral Palsy

·       Flat feet

·       Knee, hip and back pain

·       Osgood-schlatters disease

·       Shin splints

·       Heel pain, e.g. Severs disease

·       Postural problems



At Mill Park Physiotherapy, we also run an Athletic Youth Development (AYD) class – a gym-based strength and conditioning class for children and adolescents. AYD classes are supervised by Physiotherapists and involve individualised programs for children. 

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