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It can mean a lot of things

The groin area includes the lower abdominals, the hip, the adductors, the upper thigh, the inguinal region, the perineum and the inner thigh. It can be a strain, a sprain or a tear.

It can be described as tendonosis, tendonopathy, tendinitis, osteitis pubis, athletic pubalgia, sportman’s hernia, or perhaps simply groin pain.

Why choose us?

  • Groin injury is an area of special interest for the clinic

  • Paul Coburn was the Richmond Football Club physiotherapist for ten years, managing an extensive number of groin injuries of elite athletes during this time

  • Paul Coburn & Tania Pizzari have been involved in AFL research on osteitis pubis and have presented at scientific conferences, university level post graduate sports medicine courses and spent time with several American Football teams.

What do we do at Mill Park Physiotherapy?

  • Give you an accurate diagnosis

  • Use soft tissue & manipulative techniques where appropriate

  • Provide specific exercises to unload the forces on the groin

  • Check running technique

  • Write specific return to sport programs

  • When necessary refer you to a medical specialist who understands the type of groin pain you have


Who suffers from groin pain?

  • Children from 5 years of age and up

  • Teenagers who can sustain bony injuries

  • Footballers with tight groins

  • Arthritis in the hip

  • Women simply from everyday activities

  • Distance runners

  • People with hip arthritis

  • People who have had hip or groin surgery

  • Tradesmen with groin pain affecting their work